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Pay per click (PPC) search engines and pay-per-click marketing and advertising provides Sales Directors and Web Site Managers the chance to pave their way to better positions on search results pages by paying for 'click throughs' from sponsored advertisments.

Learn more about sposored ads, pay per click, the costs, and whether it is a viable option for your web site.


Pay per click ads may also appear on content network websites. In this case, ad networks such as Google Adsense and Yahoo! Publisher Network attempt to provide ads that are relevant to the content of the page where they appear, and no search function is involved.
While many companies exist in this space, Google AdWords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, and MSN adCenter are the largest network operators as of 2007. Depending on the search engine, minimum prices per click start at US$0.01 (up to US$0.50). Very popular search terms can cost much more on popular engines. Arguably this advertising model may be open to abuse through click fraud, although Google and other search engines have implemented automated systems to guard against this.


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